Meet The Team


MJA is a dynamic and nimble design practice whose studio is characterised by a broad spectrum of experience and youth. Their Directors have more than 45 years’ experience in Western Australian hospitality, community infrastructure, commercial, multi-residential and aged care design and consequently MJA has a strong understanding of the requirements for the successful design and delivery of such projects.

Recent growth has been made possible due to their ability to balance the commercial needs of clients with the design aspirations of approving authorities and the amenity provided by the architecture for the end user.


A wholly Western Australian owned company carefully structured and positioned to provide efficient and effective project management consultancy services.

Over 50 years’ experience successfully managing projects for private developers, not for profit organisations, government agencies, institutional investors, banks, contractors and building owners.

The TotalPM team align based on common values, with the Client’s satisfaction being the single most important driver. These values and passion for projects are instilled in team members who are supported by quality systems and mentoring to deliver exceptional outcomes each time.